The Energy-Efficient Sunseeker Resort

Seek Sustainable is Sunseeker Resorts' Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy to drive responsible travel and tourism. We are committed to creating a positive and sustainable impact across our operations, supply chain, and communities.

Sustainability is about living with respect for the environment so that future generations may flourish. By using fewer natural resources in our daily lives, we can help ensure a better quality of life for generations to come. Sunseeker Resorts is committed to the stewardship of the environment. During the design and construction phase of our resort, and currently in day-to-day operations, sustainable practices are at the forefront of the Sunseeker Resorts experience. 

Infrastructure Sustainability

Several major steps were taken to ensure Sunseeker would be as green as possible when designing and installing the infrastructure for the resort:

  • A 2,300-foot seawall was installed to prevent shoreline erosion and reduce the likelihood of flooding.
  • Underground chambers were designed to collect and filter stormwater before being released into the Peace River to eliminate river contamination from surface run-off during storms.
  • There was limited disturbance to the existing mangrove stands during construction.
  • The “heat island effect” was reduced by installing reflective roofing and limiting the amount of pavement at the resort.
  • An old septic system removed from the property and replaced with a modernized lift station that reduces the possibility of contamination during storms.

Energy-Efficient Interior

Large windows across the property allow lots of natural light to pour in, reducing the need for electricity, and the lights that are installed use LED technology. The indoor materials are built with no- or low-volatile organic compounds (VOC). This includes those normally found in paints, sealants, adhesives, and carpets.

All of the plumbing, water heating, mechanical equipment, and electrical systems were designed to consider energy efficiency. This includes reverse cycle air-to-water chillers that capture ambient air to heat the hot water for the buildings and water-saving plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption.

Get Involved

Guests staying at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor take part in our “green” initiative program. This includes guests choosing not to change linens and towels every day and recycle through the resort’s sorting system.

To support our initiative, Sunseeker has eliminated single-use plastic bottles for both water and in-room guest amenities. We have chosen instead to provide refillable glass bottles in each guest room that can easily be refilled at one of the many Vero water stations found throughout the property, for your choice of chilled or room temperature water. 

Maintainable Culinary Practices

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor works to provide the highest quality and most sustainable seafood, both from local and international waters, in all of our dining experiences on property. 

Other food and beverages are locally sourced from farmers and distributors in surrounding counties of Southwest Florida. 

Eco-Friendly Amenities

The Lorelei Natural Beauty and Wellness spa carries product lines that are eco-friendly, natural, cruelty free and paraben free, including brands such as Phytomer that has earned EcoVadis Gold status for excellence in environmental and social practices.

Aileron Golf Club's Environmental Footprint

  • A brand new, state of the art irrigation system allows Aileron to have pinpoint accuracy on irrigation applications, reducing “over” watering, with sensors to shut down the irrigation during rain events.
  • Aileron Golf Club irrigates the course with 100% effluent water.
  • ESD wash system allows Aileron to clean all equipment with reused water, which is then cleaned and reused to reduce the amount of potable water used.
  • ESD Waste2Water system uses tanks and sump pump to catch any over fill from the chemical room eliminating chemical spills.
  • E-Z-Go Lithium-Ion golf carts reduce the impact of emissions, lead-acid battery waste and out-of-the-wall power to charge.
  • A Licensed professional helps to create bird sanctuaries throughout the golf course grounds.
Recycling symbol of sky, grass & water at Sunseeker Resort


We seek to operate and grow sustainably, reducing our consumption of natural resources and are committed to promoting sustainable tourism throughout Florida’s Suncoast through various socially responsible practices. Additionally, our dedication extends even further by educating guests and staff on eco-friendly practices to ultimately reduce our ecological footprint on the local environment.