Close-up of a woman walking with suitcase near Sunseeker Resort

An Allegiant Travel Company Resort In Florida


Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor is an endlessly amazing, totally relaxing place to stay, play, dine, and discover — created as a subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Company. Sunseeker Resort will make its Southwest Florida premier in 2023.

Allegiant Plane in the airport near Sunseeker Resort

Allegiant Travel Company

Allegiant has been in the business of transporting people to their destinations for nearly 20 years and transports 15 million people per year from small and mid-size cities in the United States to world-class vacation destinations across the country, including eight million people per year to and from eight Florida destinations. Over three quarters of the markets Allegiant serves have no other nonstop options with other airlines — Allegiant makes vacations happen by giving millions of travelers an opportunity to fly to destinations that otherwise would be inconvenient or expensive to reach.


One day we asked — why stop at flying our customers to other places when we could create an entirely new resort experience ourselves? That was the genesis of Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor. Here, we’re creating an all-in-one world-class destination that gives every guest the feeling that whatever they need is right here, and that nothing matters more than enjoying life.

Exterior view of the Sunseeker Resort at daytime

Resort Destination

That’s why we have an expert team guided by the innovative Allegiant Travel approach to the guest experience. And it's why we deliver the incredible convenience, modern comfort, and world-class resort amenities of an unforgettable destination — and why we’re in sunny Punta Gorda, the land of good vibes. With seven near by Allegiant Travel destinations, travel on Allegiant makes it so easy to get here that you’ll be poolside in no time.

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