Requests For Charitable Donations

At Sunseeker Resorts, we believe in the power of giving back and making a positive impact in our communtiy. Our Charitable Giving Program allows us to extend our support beyond our business operations and contribute to causes that align with our values. We understand that there are countless organizations and individuals doing incredible work, and we recognize the importance of financial and resource support. Through our request form, we encourage tax exempt (501c3) organizations to submit their donation requests and provide us with information about their organization, enabling us to consider how we can best contribute to their success.

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We appreciate and welcome your donation requests. We look forward to reviewing your submission and will respond back when we have determined whether or not we are able to help out with your request. 

At this time we are currently not accepting donation requests. Please continue to revisit this page as we solidify our plans for chartitable requests close to Fall 2024. You may submit your information for future consideration. 

Donation requests will only be reviewed for organization with a tax exempt (501c3) status and documentation. When submitting your donation request form, a copy of your tax exempt status must be emailed to