Aileron Golf Club

A Championship-level Golf Experience by Sunseeker Resorts

Level up your game at Aileron Golf Club, an experience exclusive only to Sunseeker Resort guests. French for “little wing,” Aileron takes its name from the trailing edges of an aircraft wing, which help stabilize and steer during flight — and just as ailerons guide a plane, this world-class course will guide your golf game to new heights. Home to lush greens, year-round sun, and distinctive course design, this golf experience is a Port Charlotte original. Here, you’ll experience golf as it was meant to be played all year round.

Logo of Aileron Golf Club at Sunseeker Resort

Course Specifications

18 Holes | Par 72 Layout | 4778 to 7235 Yards 

Course Rating – 74.1 | Slope Rating – 134

Upscale, Full-Service Clubhouse, Pro Shop, Restaurant & Bar

Golf as it was meant to be

Aileron Golf Club is designed by Kipp Schulties Design, a predominant golf design firm based on the East Coast of Florida designing more than 50+ championship level golf courses in the state, in addition to many others around the united states and in the US Virgin Islands.Aileron Golf Club will make its fully reimagined debut offering a brand new 10,800 square foot clubhouse, restaurant, bar, and pro shop. The course, which features 17 water holes, will deliver the ultimate resort-level golf experience — where your golf game can truly take off.

Golf course Design Image at Sunseeker Resort


The "Tailspin" is a trio of challenging Holes 14, 15, and 16, a par 4, 5, and 3 respectively, that will challenge golfers to keep their games on track as they bring their round in for a landing.


Aviation history is an important foundation our company. In developing the couse, our team has named each hole and multiple course attributes after different aviation vocabulary. Let your golf game take flight with us. 


Our brand new Lithium-ion EZGO golf cart fleet will cleanly and comfortably grace the course while also featuring PACE Technology, offering enhanced hole graphics and yardages with an interactive touch screen site map.


AccuRange, an app that shows players important information on each hole, will be available to goflers, as well as Toptracer technology. The Pik'r automatic golf ball picking robot will sweep the practice areas to recover golf balls and become the first partnership in the state of Florida. 


Numerous trees, shrubs, and foliage have been planted, as well as the installation of wildlife perches to help maintain and bolster the local ecosystem. Aileron's new ESP water filtration system will help collect, filter, and drain water into numerous ponds which is then used for irrigation and more.


All across our beautiful course you can find native wildlife including many species of birds, aligators, snakes, and other unique wildlife. However, it is best to keep a safe distance and appreciate the natural beatuy from afar.

Two guys golfing in the golf course at Sunseeker Resort


Enhance your game.

Aileron Golf Club has expanded practice facilities including the yardage of the chipping practice greens and state-of-the-art driving range to use as a foundation of education lessons. Our golf academy will utilize the Full Swing launch monitor technology during instruction programs with enhanced accuracy that truly matters, a program used and partnered with by the best in the game, as well as the knowledge of our skilled golf professionals. Whether you're a beginner to the game or looking for specialized focus, our professional instructors will tailor your experience to help your game soar. 

Aileron Aviators Club

Make each meal, beverage or snack a moment to savor at our full-service restaurant and bar exclusive to course guests.

Development Updates

The latest footage of our progress.

With the grand opening just around the corner, the attention to detail and design is ever so prevalent across all 18 holes and golf club facilities. We cannot wait to reveal Aileron Golf Club to our guests late fall.  

Aileron Apparel & Pro Shop

Aileron's Apparel & Pro Shop will feature premium brands and products of golf gear and merchandise. Featuring branded golf products, apparel, sunglasses, novelties, equipment, and select food & beverage items, our pro shop will supply you with the best selection of items to enhance your round or to take your golf game to the next level.