How large is Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Approximately 22 acres along the Charlotte Harbor waterfront.

How many condo towers will there be at Sunseeker Resort Charloltte Harbor?

There are 9 condo towers planned for Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor.

How many condo units will there be at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

The final number has not been set at this time, but current plans project between 800 - 840 units.

Will the public be welcome at the restaurants and stores in Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Absolutely! We look forward to the opportunity to serve all members of the community, both near and far.

When is construction of Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor scheduled to be completed?

We anticipate that it will take approximately 18 months to complete construction of a condo tower. We will keep all prospective buyers informed of when construction of a particular tower will begin.

Will Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor be gated?

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor will not be gated but the property will feature well-appointed privacy walls and landscaping with access monitoring at all entrances and exits.

Can I visit Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor while it is being built?

You may come down to Charlotte Harbor, FL to see the project site as it develops but there will not be a formal sales office or on-site sales staff that will be able to greet you or update you on the project. You would be on your own and required to stay off the property as construction will be ongoing.

What type of medical facility care will be offered at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Current plans contemplate securing an operator for a full-service Family Medical Practice inside a brand-new medical care facility.

How large will the resort swimming pool be at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

The resort swimming pool at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor will be over 1,000 feet long, covering nearly two acres.

Will there be a fitness center at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor will feature both a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa, as well as an outdoor fitness deck overlooking the harbor.

How many rooms will the Sunseeker Hotel at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor have?

The Sunseeker Hotel is currently designed to feature 275 rooms.

How many restaurants are planned at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor will feature 15 original restaurants, bars and cafes ranging from a vibrant European style coffee shop, to a sports bar overflowing with TVs, to a steakhouse styled for your special occasion.

How many boat slips will exist in the marina at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

The final number of boat slips has not been finalized at this time. As soon as the final decision is made, we will update the website.

Is Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor pet-friendly?

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor is a pet-friendly resort.

How can I see a model of the condo units at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

All those who register as Prospective Buyers will be given exclusive access to a virtual buyer walk-through experiences that can be customized to each Prospective Buyer. The virtual experiences will be viewable both online and on your phone. In addition to the virtual walk-through experience, there will be a sales center opening on the project site in Charlotte Harbor where interested buyers may come to view models and gather additional information about condo ownership.

What kind of safety features will there be for residents at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor will feature 24-hour on-site monitoring, as well as, electronic monitoring measures such as video surveillance and restricted access to resident-only areas.

How do I stay up-to-date with the latest information about Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

The best way to stay up-to-date on all Sunseeker Resort news and updates is to create your mySunseeker account on the website: Your mySunseeker account is free and comes with no obligation. Once you are ready to begin your path towards condo ownership at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor you will do so through your mySunseeker acccount.

How do I request more information about Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

For general inquires email For inquiries about condo ownership email For inquires about employment opportunitites click the "Careers" link at the bottom of the website.


What size are the condos in Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

One-bedroom units will be approximately 845 square feet, two-bedroom units will be approximately 1200 square feet, three-bedroom units will be approximately 1550 square feet.

How many different floor plans are there to choose from?

Sunseeker Resort Charotte Harbor will offer one, two and three-bedroom condo units. Finalized floor plans will be made available in the coming weeks.

Will my unit come fully furnished?

All condo units at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Habor will come fully furnished. Buyers will have the option to select from a variety of furnishing packages to fit their taste. Purchasing a condo at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor offers buyers a true turn-key ownership opportunity at the most exciting new resort in all of Florida.

How do I choose which unit I would like to purchase?

Once the condo purchase program is opened up to registered buyers, you will be given instruction on how to find and select the condo unit(s) that fit your desires.

Will handicapped units be available for purchase at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Buyers will have the option of purchasing a handicapped accessible unit while supplies last.

Will my unit come with a parking space?

All Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor condo units will come with one parking space for use when in residence.

How much will condo units cost at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Individual condo unit pricing at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor will be released in the coming weeks. One-bedroom units will be priced at $650,000 and up. Two-bedroom units will be priced at $840,000 and up. Three-bedroom units will be priced at $1,100,000 and up.

When will condo sales start at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

Condo sales at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor are expected to begin in the coming weeks.

How do I initiate the purchase of a condo at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

To become eligible to purchase a condo at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor you must create your mySunseeker account, complete the Reservation Agreement and submit your $5,000 fully-refundable reservation deposit. To begin this process click here:

Can I purchase more than one unit at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

If you wish to purchase more than one condo unit, please email us at and we will provide you with additional Reservation Agreements. You will need to complete a separate Reservation Agreement and submit a separate $5,000 fully-refundable deposit for each condo unit you intend to purchase.

When are the Reservation Agreement and $5,000 refundable deposit due?

There is no due date for submission of the Registration Agreement. However, once 2,700 Reservation Agreements and fully-refundable deposits are received, all subsequent prospective buyers will be placed on a waiting list to be considered only if there remains condo unit availability.

What will happen to my $5,000 fully-refundable deposit if I purchase a condo?

If you purchase a condo at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor, your $5,000 fully-refundable deposit will be applied to the first non-refundable deposit required with the Purchase Contract.

When can I get back my fully-refundable deposit?

You may get back your fully-refundable $5,000 deposit at any time before signing of the Purchase Contract by following the instructions provided to you by the escrow agency.

When will the Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor condo Purchase Contracts be due?

There will be no due date to complete the Purchase Contract onces condo sales are opened up, however, no condo unit will be guaranteed to the purchaser until the Purchase Contract is completed, submitted and the first non-refundable deposit is paid.

How many separate deposits are required to purchase a condo at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor and how much will each deposit be?

There will be three non-refundable deposits required to complete the purchase of a condo unit at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor. Each non-refundable deposit will be for 10% of the purchase price. The first 10% non-refundable deposit will be due upon signing of the Purchase Contract. The second 10% non-refundable deposit will be due 6 months after signing of the Purchase Contract. The third 10% non-refundable deposit will be due 1 year after signing of the Purchase Contract.

What does it mean if I am placed on the waitlist?

If you are placed on the waitlist it means that you did not complete the Prospective Buyer Qualification Process before it closed due to reaching its limit of 2,700 qualified prospective buyers. Only those 2,700 qualified buyers will be considered for initial purchase of a condo unit at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor. However, being on the waitlist does not automatically preclude you from buying a condo unit at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor. If inventory remains after being made available to the initial qualified prospective buyers, those on the waitlist will be given the opportunity to purchase. It is strongly recommended that you complete the Prospective Buyer Qualification Process as soon as you can to reduce the chance that you are placed on the waitlist.

Who does my broker contact?

Because of such strong demand for the project and in an effort to keep pricing down as much as possible, we are not engaging or paying brokers in the sale of condos at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor. All condo purchases will be transacted through Sunseeker Resorts directly. Of course, you may retain a broker if you would like at your own expense.

How much will monthly HOA dues be at Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor?

We expect to finalize monthly HOA dues in the coming weeks. We cannot and will not open up sales of condo units at Sunseeker Resorts Charlotte Harbor without disclosing HOA documents and costs to prospective buyers.

Will Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor offer unit management and/or rental services?

While we have not yet finalized our plans, it is likely that the Sunseeker Resorts will offer a voluntary management and/or rental service for those that are interested.